Plywood Reels





Our reels are made of either pine or birch plywood, which according to the international standard ISPM 15 FAO does not require phytosanitary treatment. Our wooden spools are made using Austrian pine wood which has already been dried and HT treated. The plywood and wooden reel tubes can be made of PVC, cardboard or wooden slats. The plywood spools are fitted with iron lined pipes, whereas the wooden ones with iron rods and coned washers. We can supply them either assembled or disassembled These reels are particularly ideal for winding electrical wires, wire ropes, chains, optical fibers and large nautical tops. They have recently also been used as decorative objects: tables, stools, exhibition accessories, etc.

Video demo of reel assembly

Plywood reel assembly with iron tubes and nylon cap expansion. Assembling is quick, simple and extremely effective.
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