Pozzi Napoleone Srl is a company specialized in producing custom reels and spools made of cardboard, plastic, plywood and wood. We offer a wide variety of products, many of which are in stock and all with customizable prints, serigraphs and etchings. Speedy and on-time deliveries have always been our priority. We can also supply unassembled reels in order to reduce transportation costs. Our technical department will give you the right advice and help you choose the most suitable product to wind your raw material: electrical cables, ribbons, ropes, chains, zippers, optical fibers, metal cuttings, seals, trimmings, leather, welts, labels, laces, lanyard, fuel tubes etc. We have reels that are suitable for any type of material. With a view to meeting the various market needs, in recent years we have also been developing a line of reels for interior design and displays.
Pozzi Napoleone Srl In recent years has expanded its range of products by developing a line of furniture coils. Visit the new site to find out what can be done to furnish ecologically, originally and completely customized every environment. You can find customized solutions for furnishing business premises, homes and studios.Furnishings Coils

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