About us



For over 50 years we produce reels for electric cables, fiber optic cables, cords, elastic and rigid ribbons, laces, trimmings, plastic profiles and leather, mignon, welts, shearing metal sockets and everything that you can wrap

  • 1963Foundation date
    It's the 1960s and in Brianza there are hundreds of factories that produce ribbons and elastic braids. This is where the Napoleone Pozzi adventure begins, from the production needs of its territory. With the invaluable help of his wife Luigia they begin to produce and distribute reels and slats, fundamental tools that are needed for winding ribbons and elastic braids. In 1963 the Pozzi Napoleone Srl was founded in a tool shed in Luigia and Napoleone Pozzi's back yard.
  • 1978Building of the first warehouse
    In 1978 Elio Pozzi, who succeeded his father as head of the company, built the first warehouse thus expanding the production of cardboard reels.
  • 1988New production departments
    The work keeps growing; new ideas and new product lines to best suit the growing demands of the market are developed. Plywood and plastic reels production departments are set up. It's 1988 and Pozzi Napoleone Srl buys its second warehouse.
  • 2007Expansion of production area
    In 2007 we expand even further so as to maximize the production yield. Today the production is spread over a total of 6,000 covered square meters, with three main departments that produce reels: cardboard, plastic and wood.
  • 2007Restyling head office
    In 2016, works are completed at the historic site, with the realization of the new façade, OFFICES and SHOWROOM